Knob and Tube wiring

Knob and tube wiring removal in New Jersey

If you require a knob and tube expert electrician to complete knob and tube wiring replacement it’s always best to go with an electrician that is established and known for quality and New Jersey. Knob and tube wiring knob and tube wiring new jerseyremoval as well as inspection can be extremely dangerous and if you have this type of wiring in your house it’s very important that you get it replaced immediately as there are safety concerns associated with it. With our decades of experience Brown Electric has long been recognized as New Jersey’s premier electrician for your knob and tube wiring removal and replacement .

Knob and tube wiring Hazards

Knob and tube hazards in New Jersey can be found in mostly older homes, this is because new laws have changed home construction requirements and this type of wiring is simply not allowed in new home developments. If you live in a home that was built before 1930 there is a good chance that if the wiring has not been replaced you could have knob and tube hazards in New Jersey.

Knob and tube insurance

The way that knob and tube wiring in New Jersey works is by having porcelain knobs suspending open wires to dissipate heat. This type of wiring can get extremely hot and can be very volatile causing potential fire hazards Knob and tube wiring insurance Knob_and_tube_illegal_tap Knob and Tube wiring replacementand more. There are specific rules regarding the way that hot and neutral wires need to be separated but overall the coating over many of these wires can be stripped off quite easily and over time they need to be replaced or they can be extreme hazards in your home and cause major inefficiencies. You could be spending hundreds if not thousands of extra dollars insuring your home if you are unwilling to replace this type of wiring. Perhaps one of the largest weaknesses of knob and tube wiring in New Jersey is that it doesn’t come with any kind of ground conductor and quite often the current is not switched off when you switch off the power from a wall switch. This means that current is still running and you are still being charge for electricity, there is always a chance that you can also fall victim to small shocks or exposing your family to electricity and hazards from this outdated wiring.

Knob and Tube wiring replacement

We are the top New Jersey  electrician service that has expert experience with knob and tube wiring and can assess, remove, and replace any of this wiring that might be present in your home , make it a safer place to live ,and give you info on more efficient and inexpensive energy bills.