Electrical Panel repairs

 Electrical Panels Repairs

Top reasons to replace your electrical panel

Fuse Panels

  1. Old school ..Circuit breakers are superior
  2. Incorrect fuses installed repair panel
  3. No room to expand
  4. Water intrusion and rust
  5. Fuses are overloaded wit too many wires
  6. You require surge protection
  7. You require Arc fault protection

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Fuse Panel Replacements

Breaker Panels

  1. Panel has lost UL Listing (Federal Pacific)
  2. Some panels are know to be Hazardous (Zinsco)
  3. Circuits Trips for no reason
  4. There isn’t a Main disconnect switchElectrical Repairs NJ
  5. Water intrusion
  6. The panel is too old to service
  7. The panel isn’t large enough to add breakers

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Breaker Panel Replacements

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